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Confirmed Poster Presentations:

253  Noam Alperin  Rong-Wen Tain  MR Based Determination Of Cranio-Spinal Compliance Distribution: A Flow Phantom And Human Studies  USA 
188  Claudia Maria Amatruda  DR Hose, PV Lawford, AJ Narracott  Spatial and Temporal Variation of Vessel Stress as a Stimulus for Neointimal Growth  UK 
165  Andrew Anderson  Michael D. Harris, Manasi Datar, Elizabeth R Jurrus  Statistical Shape Modeling of Femoroacetabular Impingement  USA 
174  Mike Arun  Anoop Chawla, Sudipto Mukherjee, Debasis Sahoo  Long Bone Failure Characteristics Under Impact Bending: An In-Depth Study  India 
216  Laura Bouten  Fabrice Morestin, Maud Bassement  Finite Element Modelisation Of Woman Breast And Its Sport Bra  France 
179  Jia Wu  John Brigham  A Novel Approach for Anatomically Consistent Analysis of Organ-Level Shape and Kinematics  USA 
351  Estevam B. Las Casas  T.V.C Perilo, J. Grasa, M.D.C. Magalhães, A.R. Motta, A.F. Valentim, R.M.M.M Furlan, M. Doblaré  Lips contraction simulation and force measurement system  Brazil 
105  André Castro  António Completo, José A. Simões, Paulo Flores  Finite Element Analysis of the Biomechanical Behaviour of Cancellous Bone on Patellofemoral Arthroplasty  Portugal 
004  Yu Chang  Kaiyun Gu,Dongmei Wang and Qun Nan  A Method of Calculating Myocardial Contractility Based on Clinical Data  China 
214  Sara Checa  Georg N. Duda, Patrick J Prendergast  Inter-Species Investigation Of The Mechanical Regulation Of Bone Healing  Germany 
220  Elena Cutrì  Paolo Zunino, Stefano Morlacchi, Claudio Chiastra  Drug Release In Coronary Bifurcation Stenting  Italy 
082  Hae Won Choi  Young Eun Kim  Does Disc Degeneration Produce The Paraspinal Activation Change?  Korea 
274  Antonio Completo  Joana Pereira, Carlos Relvas, Antonio Ramos  A Bioreator To Biomechanical And Biochemical Characterization Of Engineered Cartilage  Portugal 
068  Antonio Completo  Jose Simões, Fernando Fonseca, Antonio Ramos, Carlos Relvas, Mario Oliveira, Joana Pereira  Combined Bone-Implant Fixation: A Pre-Clinical Hip Stem Evaluation  Portugal 
115  Noel Conlisk  Pankaj Pankaj, Colin R. Howie  Evaluation Of Femoral Component Micromotion After Total Knee Arthroplasty: An Experimental Study  UK 
255  Marcel Drolshagen  Ludger Keilig, Istabrak Hasan, Susanne Reimann, Marco Favino, Rolf Krause, Christoph Bourauel  Intraoral Measurement of Tooth Displacement and Simulation of the Biomechanical Characteristics of the Human Periodontal Ligament in Patient-Specific Models  Germany 
278  Daniel Gad  Roger Lewis, Steve E Franklin, Ruud M J Voncken, M Kwiatkowska  Finite Element Simulation of Human Skin Deformation Behaviour During A Sliding Friction Test  UK 
107  Camellia Ganjoury  M. Saadatu  Lower Limb Rehabilitation Using Parallel Robots  UK 
209  Francesca Gervaso  Giuseppe Peretti, Alessandro Sannino  Evaluation Of A Collagen/Hydroxyapatite Scaffold For Ostechondral Tissue Regeneration By Means Of A Finite Element Model Of The Knee Joint  Italy 
277  Ridha Hambli    Finite Element Prediction Of Human Femur Neck Fracture  France 
001  Kamran Hassani  Mohammad Ali Akbari. John D.Doyle, Mahdi Navidbakhsh  Digital Subtraction Phonocardiography (DSP) Applied to the Detection and Characterization of Heart Murmurs  Iran 
279  Markus Heller  A. Trepczynski, I. Kutzner , E.I. Kornaropoulos, W.R. Taylor, G.N. Duda, G. Bergmann  Understanding The Musculoskeletal Loading Conditions At The Patello-Femoral Joint Is Essential For The Prevention Of Mechanical Overload At The Knee  Germany 
271  Howard Hillstrom  Yatin Kirane, Rebecca Zifchock, HSS Lower Extremity Realignment Research Group  Medial Knee OA Pain is Related to Joint Structure and Function  USA 
094  Se Chul Jeong  S. H. Yoo, C. Y. Park, D. Mishra  Finite Element Analysis Of The BPPV In A Semicircular Canal  Korea 
230  Kaito Morita  Sakon Rahong, Takeshi Yanagida, Tomoji Kawai and Satoyuki Kawano  Molecular Dynamics Simulations For DNA Deformations Affected By Nanopillars With Applied Electric Voltages  Japan 
025  Kyoung-Tak Kang  Heung-Jae Chun, Ju-Woong Jang, Young-Bock Shim  Effect of Tibial Posterior Slope on Contact Force and Ligaments Stresses in Total Knee Arthroplasty-Explicit Finite Element Analysis  Korea 
237  Brandis Keller  Santhosh Seshadri, Julian Gunn, Patricia Lawford, Andrew Narracott, Francesco Migliavacca, Gabriele Dubini  3D Reconstruction Of Stented Porcine Coronaries For CFD Analyses Of In-Stent Restenosis  Italy 
266  Djaroudib Khamsa  Derraz Foued, Taleb Ahmed Abdelmalik, Zidani Abdelmadjid  Gaussien Mixture Model (GMM) For Masses Abnormalities Segmentation In Mammographic Images  France 
016  Wangdo Kim  Antonio Veloso, Maria Machado, Veronica Vleck, Liliana Aguiar, Silvia Cabral and Filomena Vieira  Dynamic Touch Of Effective Golf Swing  Portugal 
091  Kyungsoo Kim  Yoon Hyuk Kim  Investigation Of Optimal Follower Load Path Translation In Lumbar Spine  Korea 
003  Ralf Landgraf  Jörn Ihlemann, Sebastian Kolmeder, Alexander Lion  Thermo-Mechanical Coupled Curing Processes Of Acrylic Bone Cements Used In Vertebroplasty: Material Modelling And Finite-Element-Simulation  Germany 
261  Alexis Séguin  Pierre-Olivier Lemieux, Natalia Nuño, Nicola Hagemeister  Simulation of Daily Living Movements With The Anybody Shoulder Model  Canada 
225  Yongtao Lu  Matthias Krause, Axel Heinemann, Felix Thomson, Michael Morlock, Gerd Huber  Influence Of Different CT Scans On Bone Strength Predictions Using The Finite Element Method  Germany 
134  Bethany Luxmoore  V.N. Wijayathunga, S. Rehman, R.K. Wilcox  Finite Element Analysis of Microscopy Tensile Tests of Annulus Fibrosus Tissue  UK 
135  Alisdair MacLeod  Pankaj Pankaj, A. Hamish R.W. Simpson  Choosing An Appropriate Screw Configuration For Osteoporotic Long Bone Fractures  UK 
192  Carlos Andrés Madrigal González  Henry Alonso Rojas, Jorge Alberto Rojas, Gustavo Adolfo Zuleta  Method for Classification of Porcine Sperm Movement Using Artificial Intelligence.  Colombia 
036  Zdenek Majer  Petr Marcián, Ivo Dlouhý, Zdenek Florián  Computational modeling of highly porous materials with application in biomechanics  Czech Technical University, Prague 
227  June Mandate  Rebecca Trueman, Stephen B. Dunnett, Cathy A. Holt  Quantification Of Rat Gait Parameters Following Stroke  UK 
118  Simone Manini  Andrea Remuzzi, Luca Antiga, Wouter Huberts, Lorenzo Botti  pyNS, An Open-Source Framework For 0D/1D Hemodynamic Modelling  Italy 
046  Petr Marcián  Libor Borák, Zdenek Majer, Zdenek Florian, Jozef Kaiser, Veronika Konecná  The computational model of dental implant interaction with bone tissue  Czech Republic 
224  Giacomo Marini  Ilsoo Koh, Harald Studer, Stephen J. Ferguson  An Algorithm For Modeling The Fiber Distribution Of The Annulus Fibrosus Within Arbitrarily-Aligned Meshes  Switzerland 
024  M Alajami  J. A Solves-Llorens, F Martínez-Martínez, M.J Rupérez, C Monserrat, V Naranjo, M García, E Feliu, M Lloret  Analysis of the effect of considering gravity in X-ray mammography simulation  Spain 
097  Yasuaki Matsumoto  Takuya Nishimura, Yoshitaka Nakanishi, Hiroshi Mizuta, Nobuki Murayama, Hidehiko Higaki  The Femoral Nail Which Prevents A Complications Problem  Japan 
061  Susana Meireles  Lawrence J. Berglund , António Completo, José A. Simões  Micromotion Analysis Of Press Fit Radial Component Of The Total Wrist Arthroplasty  Portugal 
167  Susana Meireles  António Completo, José A Simões  Total Wrist Arthroplasty: A Review  Portugal 
264  Dhaneshwar Mishra  Seung-Hyun Yoo, Se Chul Jeong  Modeling And Simulation Of Self Healing Behavior Of Dental Biocomposites  Korea 
185  Diagarajen Carpanen  Rajshree Mootanah, Zarshah Dewan, Franziska Reisse, Howard Hillstrom  The Effects of Different Locations and Sizes of Partial Meniscectomies on Knee Joint Contact Stress: A Finite Element Study  UK 
153  Tim Odenthal  Bart Smeets, Hans Van Oosterwyck, Herman Ramon  Deformable Cells for Mechanistic, Individual-based Models  Belgium 
148  Seung Bin Oh  Se Jin Park, Murali Subramaniyam  Analysis Of Human Spinal Curvature For The Development Of Patient-Made Spinal Traction  Korea 
164  Andre Pereira  Roberto De Souza, Andrew Pitsillides, Sandra Shefelbine  Influence Of Intrinsic Mechanical Properties Of Bone In Age-Related Decline In Mechanosensitivity  UK 
077  Joana Pereira  António Completo , Fernando Fonseca, António Ramos, Carlos Relvas, José Simões  Finite Elemet Model Analysis Of Humeral Component Of Non-Constrained Ibp Prothesis  Portugal 
248  M.C. Mora  J.L. Sancho-Bru, J.L. Iserte-Vilar, A. Pérez-González  Neural Network-Based Prediction Of Hand Postures For Grasping Simulation With A Biomechanical Model  Spain 
208  Lorenza Petrini  Alessio Meoli, Elena Dordoni, Wei Wu, Gabriele Dubini, Francesco Migliavacca, Giancarlo Pennati  Numerical Simulations Of Fatigue For Two Overlapped Stents In Peripheral Arteries  Italy 
023  Lee Heow Pueh  Tan LB, Tse KM, Tan BC  Performance of an Advanced Combat Helmet with Different Interior Cushioning Systems in Ballistic Impact: Experiments and Finite Element Simulations  Singapore 
140  Seyed Mohammad Rajaai  Omid Bafkar, S. Farzad Mohammadi  Design of a Fixation System for Animal Eye Practice  Iran 
236  Hajar Razi  Annette Birkhold, Richard Weinkamer, Bettina Willie, Georg N. Duda, Sara Checa  Quantifying The Mechanoregulation Of Bone Adaptation By Correlating Dynamic Changes In Bone Morphology To The Local Mechanical Environment  Germany 
178  Michael Reimeringer  Nuno Ouellet  Downsizing The VEPTR Design To Avoid Complications  Canada 
121  Cristina Said Saleme  Marcos Pinotti Barbosa, Agnaldo lopes da Silva Filho  Clinimetric Properties Of Multidirectional Vaginal Device For Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength Measurement  Brazil 
098  Andrés Salguero  Germán Yamhure, Martha Manrique, Carlos Cotrino, Luis Jimenez, Andrés Hernandez  Phase Plane Portraits Of Pelvic Movement As A Tool For Designing Robotic Systems With Pelvic Support For Gait Rehabilitation  Colombia 
031  Jason Sanderson  Yoshitaka Nakanishi Nobuki Murayama, Takuya Nishimura, Hiroshi Mizuta, Takako Ishi, Hidehiko Higaki  Finite element analysis of polyether ether ketone as a long bone fracture material  Japan 
110  Leandro de Arruda Santos  Maria Guiomar de Azevedo Bahia, Estevam Barbosa de Las Casas, Vicente Tadeu Lopes Buono  Mechanical Behavior Of Different Nickel-Titanium Rotary Endodontic Instruments By Finite Element Analysis  Brazil 
252  Babak Sarrafpour  Chaiy Rungsiyakull, Michael Swain, Qing Li, Hans Zoellner  Finite Element Analysis Suggests Functional Bone Strain Accounts For Continuous Post-Eruptive Emergence Of Teeth  Australia 
275  Judith Schmale  H. Bode, J. Subke  Rapid Prototyping As An Approach To Improve Individual Compression Therapy To Prevent Hypertrophic Scarring In Burn Wounds  Germany 
096  Kenryo Shimasu  Yoshitaka Nakanishi, Yuusuke Nakamuta, Hiroshi Mizuta, Akira Sei, Wakana Togami and Hidehiko Higaki  FEM Analysis Of An Artificial Vertebral Body Composed Of Biocompatible Plastic  Japan 
238  Fabiola Silveira  Karllyammo Lennon De Souza, Jose Ubiragi De Lima Mendes , Marinalva Ferreira Trajano  Application Of Chitosan Biocomposites To Epithelial Healing  Brazil 
079  Bart Smeets  Tim Odenthal, Hans Van Oosterwyck, Herman Ramon  Computational Framework For Individual-Based Models Of 3D Cell Cultures  Belgium 
133  Sajjad Soleimani  Giancarlo Pennati, Gabriele Dubini  An Investigation On Performance Of The Coronary Aspiration Catheter  Italy 
221  Gregor Spreiter  Pavel Galibarov, Sebastian Dendorfer, Stephen J. Ferguson  Influence Of Kyphosis On Spinal Loading  Czech Republic 
267  Vincent Stadelmann  Carl Conway, Steven K Boyd  Non-Invasive Monitoring Of Implant Strength In Vivo  Switzerland 
276  J Subke  J. Griesemann, U. Käßer, J. Steinmeyer  Study On Measurement Techniques For The Diagnosis Of Hand Rheumatism  Germany 
200  Ewelina Swiatek-Najwer  Romuald Bedzinski, Magdalena Zuk, Marcin Majak  Computer Aided Tumor Resection And Bone Reconstruction In Maxillo-Facial Areaa  Poland 
111  Pascal Swider  Jérôme Briot, Erik Estivalèzes, Jérôme Sales de Gauzy  Disc Volume Properties From MRI In Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Correlation To Surgical Outcome  France 
368  Alexandre Carvalho  João Manuel R. S. Tavares  Computational Methods of Motion Tracking for Bio-imaging: a Survey about Stochastic Methods  Portugal 
021  Ee Chon Teo  Q.H. Zhang, T.X. Qiu and H.K. Wong  Investigation of Head-neck Kinematics and Potential Ligament Injuries during Direct, Lateral and Oblique Impact Using Finite Element Model  Singapore 
280  Adam Trepczynski  I. Kutzner, E.I. Kornaropoulos, W.R. Taylor, G.N. Duda, G. Bergmann, M.O. Heller  Understanding the Musculoskeletal Loading Conditions at the Patello-Femoral Joint is Essential for the Prevention of Mechanical Overload at the Knee  Germany 
175  Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Sosa  Adairis Márquez-Sánchez, Susana González-Díaz  Numerical Analysis of the Components of a Knee Prosthesis Type Striker Scopio  Mexico 
193  Miloslav Vilimek  Tomas Goldmann  Force Ratio In Chewing Muscles After Implantation A Total Replacement Of TMJ  Czech Republic 
076  Tomaso Villa  Luigi La Barbera, Fabio Galbusera  Evaluation of different loading conditions prescribed by standards for the fatigue testing of spinal fixators  Italy 
239  Anja Wagner  Ketuo Zhou, Johannes Drexel, Florian Fischer, Jörg Böhme, Steffen Peldschus  Improved FE Models Of The Female Pelvis And The Arm Soft Tissue Based On CT Images  Germany 
228  Steven Walscharts  J.M. García-Aznar, G. H. van Lenthe, J. Vander Sloten  A Sensitivity Analysis Of Adaptive Bone Remodeling Simulation In The Proximal Femur Using 3D Models  Belgium 
183  Jan Wieding  Robert Souffrant, Wolfram Mittelmeier, Rainer Bader  Finite Element Analysis Of Different Open-Porous 3D Scaffold Designs For Treatment Of Large Segmental Defects Of Long Bones  Germany 
051  Thomas Zander  Marcel Dreischarf, Kap-Soo Han, Antonius Rohlmann  How far does Multilevel Lumbar Total Disc Replacement influence Spinal Balance?  Germany 
242  Nigel Zheng  Hongsheng Wang, James Fleischli, James Fleischli, Jianping Fan  Computer Simulation To ACL Reconstructed Knee With Different Tunnel Positions  USA 
123  Rui Zhu  Thomas Zander, Antonius Rohlmann  Comparison of Different Loading Conditions on Spinal Motion and Intradiscal Pressure  Germany 
189  Iwona Zwierzak  John Fenner, Andrew Narracott  3D Optical Reconstruction Technique For Balloon Expandable Stent Characterisation  UK