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Confirmed Oral Presentations:

358    Tim  David    Modelling and simulation of the brain and its functions  New Zealand 
367    Yubo  Fan  Lizhen Wang  Biomechanical Investigation on Woodpecker’s Resistance to Head Impact Injury  China 
366    Taiji  Adachi    Mechanical Behavior of Actin Filaments under Tension: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study  Japan 
365    Arturo  Natali    Foot biomechanics: constitutive formulation and numerical modeling of the hindfoot region  Italy 
364    Christoph  Bourauel    The Effect of Periodontitis on the Biomechanical Behaviour of the Periodontal Ligament  Germany 
363    Lynne  Bilston    Computational Modelling of Syringomyelia  Australia 
370    J.M.  Crolet  M. Racila  Simulation of Bone Remodeling With the Sinupros Model  France 
359    Ralph  Müller  A. Levchuk, S. Badilatti, A. Zwahlen, F.A. Schulte, F.M. Lambers, C. Weigt, D.J. Webster and G. Kuhn  Computational Prediction Of Load Induced Bone Remodeling In Response To Aging, Disease And Treatment In Vivo  Switzerland 
356    Antonius  Rohlmann    Loads on the lumbar spine  Germany 
357    Paulo  Fernandes    Multiscale Modeling of Bone Tissue –Application to bone substitutes design and bone quality analysis  Portugal 
355    Marc  Thiriet    High intensity focused ultrasound in liver tumor therapy: a multiphysics problem  France 
352    Amit  Gefen    Computational Modeling of Mechanotransduction: Studying Differentiation and Migration Behavior of Cells  Israel 
351    Estevam de las  Casas    Force measuring devices and numerical simulation for mouth muscles  Brazil 
350    Saeed  Shirazi-Adl    Knee joint model studies: From passive response to active kinematics-driven analysis of gait  Canada 
389    Jörn  Seebeck    Computational Modeling for Design Verification of Medical Devices  Switzerland 
361    Thomas  Franz  B. D. Reddy, S. R. Skatulla, N. H. Davies  Computational Cardiac Biomechanics towards Improved Understanding and Treatment of Myocardial Infarction  South Africa 
384    Lalaonirina  Rakotomanana  El Baroudi Razafimahery  Influence of Fluid-Structure Interaction in Biomechanics : Applications to Dynamic Loading  France 
354    Cees  Oomens    The relative contribution of muscle deformation and ischaemia to pressure ulcer development  The Netherlands 
372    Philippe  Zysset    Variability of Indentation Modulus Among Bone Structural Units Cannot be Explained by Mean Fibril Orientation and Mineral Mass Fraction  Switzerland 
388    Djenane Cordeiro  Pamplona    Planning Skin Expansion Surgery: How, Where and How Many  Brazil 
386    Marcus  Pandy    Muscle Biomechanics In Human Running  Australia 
385    Riccardo  Pietrabissa    Mechanobiology: Trends for New Therapies and Competitive Companies  Italy 
383    Stephen  Richmond    Acquiring Facial Muscle Fibre Orientation for Muscle Models  UK 
382    Philippe  Young    New Developments in Image-Based Modelling  UK 
381    Wafa  Skalli    Advances in Medical Imaging and Applications to Osteoporosis  France 
380    Manuel  Doblare    Simulation Of Cell Processes Into Hydrogel Substrates. Comparison With Experiments  Spain 
379    Christoph  Bichlmeier    Using FE Simulations To Optimize Implant And Medical Device Design  Germany 
378    Frederic  Marin    Human joint modeling: theory, methodology and applications  France 
377    Jeff  Weiss    Structure and Function of Ligaments and Tendons  USA 
376    Gabriele  Dubini    Endovascular stenting simulations: from solid mechanics to drug elution  Italy 
375    Pascal  Verdonck    Pharmacokinetic Modeling Of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI For Assesment Of Cancer Treatment  Belgium 
374    Dominique  Pioletti    Biomechanical Stimulus As A Trigger Signal For Bone Tissue Engineering And Drug Delivery System Applications  Switzerland 
373    Jos Vander  Sloten    Biomechanics for smarter and safer surgery  Belgium 
84  BRAIN1  In Seok  Han  Chang-Hyun Lee, Young Eun Kim, Kyu-Chang Wang  Development of a Human Head Model for Investigate The Bleeding Mechanism of Sylvian Arachnoid Cyst  Korea 
71  BRAIN1  Chris  Pearce  Phillippe Young, Brian Walker, Liliana Cowlam  Dynamic pressure response in head injury  UK 
223  BRAIN1  Hariharan  Sankarasubramanian  Dietmar Göhlich, Sudipto Mukherjee, Anoop Chawla  A Bio-Mechanics Based Methodology To Optimize Vehicle Front Profile For Pedestrian Safety  India 
54  BRAIN1  Mohammad  Mazumder  Adam Wittek, Ahmed Mostayed, Stuart Bunt, Robert Day, Robin Hart and Karol Miller  Mechanical Properties of the Brain-Skull Interface  USA 
140  BRAIN1  Seyed Mohammad  Rajaai  Majid Haghayegh, Shahab M Baghaei  An analytical model to investigate human head impact and its governing equations  Iran 
196  BRAIN1  Saime  Akdemir Akar  Sadik Kara, Vedat Bilgiç  Assessment Of Sympathovagal Balance In Schizophrenia Patients  Turkey 
179  CARD1  John  Brigham  Jia Wu  Analysis of In Vivo Human Right Ventricle Shape Change with and without Pulmonary Hypertension  USA 
144  CARD1  Nhat  Bui Minh  Hiroshi Ohtake, Go Watanabe, Teruo Matsuzawa  Effect Of Post Treatment For Multiple Aortic Aneurysms Using CFD  Japan 
241  CARD1  Alfonso  Caiazzo  Miguel Fernandez, Jean-Frederic Gerbeau  Explicit Projection Scheme For Pod-Based Fast ?ow Simulations In Patient-Speci?c Geometries  Germany 
211  CARD1  Daria  Cosentino  Gianmarco Tanda, Alessandra Bavo, Michael Quail, Hopewell Ntsinjana, Vanessa Diaz-Zuccarini, Francesco Migliavacca, Giancarlo Pennati, Andrew Taylor, Silvia Schievano  Patient-specific evaluation of pulmonary vascular resistances after corrected Transposition of the great arteries  UK 
220  CARD1  Claudio  Chiastra  Stefano Morlacchi, Gabriele Dubini, Francesco Migliavacca  A Comparison Between Standard And Dedicated Stents For Coronary Bifurcations: Structural And Fluid Dynamic Numerical Simulations  Italy 
75  CARD1  Asawinee  Danpinid  Fangsen Cui, Foad Kabinejadian, Hwa Liang Leo, Pei Ho  Hemodynamic Analysis of Stent Implantation at Carotid Bifurcation  Singapore 
226  CARD1  Maria Sol  Cabrera  Cees Oomens, Frank Baaijens  Design And Analysis Of Stent System For Heart Valve Replacement In Pediatric Patients  The Netherlands 
244  CARD1  Chiara  Corsini  Giovanni Biglino, Silvia Schievano, Richard S. Figliola, Tain-Yen Hsia, Andrew M. Taylor, Francesco Migliavacca, Gabriele Dubini, Giancarlo Pennati  Computational And Experimental Modeling Of A Univentricular Circulation With Systemic-To-Pulmonary Shunt And Aortic Coarctation  Italy 
28  CARD2  Kiran H  Dellimore  Iain H. Kemp, Cornie Scheffer, Hellmuth S. Weich, Anton F. Doubell  Evaluation Of The Effect Of Skin Friction On The Performance Of A Prosthetic Aortic Valve Using Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations  South Africa 
11  CARD2  Gil  Marom  Hee-Sun Kim, Rami Haj-Ali, Ehud Raanani Hans-Joachim Schafers and Moshe Rosenfeld  A fluid structure interaction model of native aortic valve with physiologic blood pressure and tissues properties  Israel 
246  CARD2  Francesco  Migliavacca  Elena Dordoni, Alessio Meoli, Wei Wu, Francesco Migliavacca, Gabriele Dubini, Giancarlo Pennati  Finite Element Analyses Of In Vivo Fatigue Behavior Of Peripheral Stents: Effect Of Plaque Features  Italy 
155  CARD2  Paul Roger  Leinan  Torvid Kiserud, Joris Degroote, Leif Rune Hellevik  Vessel Geometry Impact On The Velocity Profile In The Human Fetal Ductus Venosus Umbilical Vein Bifurcation  Norway 
194  CARD2  Alberto  Gambaruto    Modelling Haemodynamics in Small Vessels  Portugal 
120  CARD2  Foad  Kabinejadian  Dhanjoo N. Ghista, Hwa Liang Leo  Fluid-Structure Interaction Analisys Of A Coupled Sequential Coronary Arterial Bypass Graft  Singapore 
159  CARD3  Lowell T.  Edgar  Steve A. Maas, James E. Guilkey, Jeffrey Weiss  AngioFE: A continuous-discrete model of angiogenesis with vessel growth coupled to matrix deformation  USA 
56  CARD3  Aura Cardona  Ochoa  Damien Lacroix  Computational Fluid Dynamics of Complex Vascular Networks Functionality to Tissue Engineering Applications  Spain 
85  CARD3  Toshihiro  Omori  T. Ishikawa, Y. Imai, T. Yamaguchi  Dynamical Simulation Of A Red Blood Cell In Simple Shear Flow  Japan 
150  CARD3  Jivan  Parab  R.S. Gad, G. M. Nalik, N. Vetrekar  Comparative Studies For Multivariate Model Of Human Blood Tissue Using Gaussian And Lorentz Oscillators And Analysis Using PLS Regression.  India 
78  CARD3  Victorien  Prot  Bjřrn Skallerud  Effects Of An Orthogonal Contractile System In The Anterior Leaflet On The Systolic Mitral Valve Response: A Nonlinear Finite Element Study  Norway 
210  CARD3  Giancarlo  Pennati  Elena Dordoni, Alessio Meoli, Wei Wu, Lorenza Petrini, Francesco Migliavacca, Gabriele Dubini  Computational Modelling Of Fatigue Behaviour Of Nitinol Peripheral Stents During In Vitro Tests  Italy 
53  CARD4/FLO  Cedric Van  Holsbeke  Wim Vos, Jan De Backer, Samir Vinchurkar, Pascal Verdonck, Wilfried De Backer  A Subject-Specific Fluid-Structure Interaction Model of a Lower Airway using the Nonrigid Coherent Point Drift Algorithm  Germany 
23  CARD4/FLO  Lee Heow  Pueh  Zhu JH, Lim KM, Lee SJ, Teo LS , Wang DY  Airflow Ventilation through Human Maxillary Sinuses with Single/Twin Accessory Ostia: a CFD Simulation Study  Singapore 
18  CARD4/FLO  A.Y.S.  Tang    Influence of biomechanical factors in thoracic aortic dissection: A computational fluid dynamics study  Hong Kong 
CARD4/FLO  Vishal  Shukla  Pramod M. Padole and Aswhin S. Dhoble  Numerical assessment and comparison of injury during stent deployment  India 
163  CARD4/FLO  Sho  Hanida  Futoshi Mori, Kiyoshi Kumahata, Masahiro Watanabe, Shigeru Ishikawa, Teruo Matsuzawa  Airflow Simulation of Nasal Cavity with Maxillary Sinus using Latent Heat Model  Japan 
240  CARD4/FLO  Wei  Wu  Dario Gastaldi, Lorenza Petrini, Shanshan Chen, Ke Yang, Lili Tan, Maurizio Vedani, Francesco Migliavacca  Degradation Of Magnesium Alloy Stents: Finite Element Analyses And Experimental Tests.  Italy 
181  CARD4/FLO  Alberto  Teixeira  Nilson Costa Roberty  Reconstruction of Multiphse Flow in Cylindrical Geometry Using X Ray Transform in Ill-Posed Problems  Brazil 
103  CARD4/FLO  Emin  Sunbuloglu  Baris Erdem, Ergun Bozdag, Civan Islak  Numerical Evaluation And Medical Comparison Of Aneurysm Treatment Efficiency Using Transient CFD Analysis  Turkey 
112  CELL2  Sara  Barreto  Cécile M. Perrault, Damien Lacroix  Computational Prediction Of External And Internal Cell Forces-Regulation By The Individual Fibers Of The Cytoskeleton  Spain 
263  CELL3  Adeliya  Latypova  M. Gortchacow, A. Terrier, D.P. Pioletti  Effect Of Oscillatory Flow On Morphogen Dynamics Of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells  Switzerland 
260  CELL3  Carlos A.  Narváez-Tovar  Diego A. Garzón-Alvarado  A Computational Model Of The Growth Plate Including The Effect Of Mechanical Loading On The Final Chondrocytic Height In The Hypertrophic Zone  Colombia 
34  CELL3  Jason  Halloran  Scott Sibole, Ahmet Erdemir  Role of Anatomical Representation of Cell Distribution on the Prediction of Chondrocyte Mechanics  USA 
41  CELL3  Andy  Olivares  Cecile M. Perrault, Damien Lacroix  Cell seeding optimization in 3D scaffold under dynamic condition: Computational and Experimental method  Spain 
231  CELL3  Hiroshi  Takeuchi  Ryosuke Nii, Kentaro Doi, Satoyuki Kawano  Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations Of Self-Assembled DNA Structures On HOPG Surfaces  Japan 
229  CELL3  Kentaro  Doi  Yukihiro Toyokita, Satoyuki Kawano  Application Of Reaction-Diffusion Wave To Self-Assembled Network Structures Of DNA  Japan 
95  CELL3  Oscar Rodrigo  López Vaca  Diego Alexánder Garzón A.  Biochemical Model To Predict The Onset Of The Spongiosa Primary Architecture Using A Reaction-Diffusion System  USA 
182  CELL3  Mehdi  Khoshgoftar  Wouter Wilson, Keita Ito, Corrinus C. Vandonkelaar  Effect Of Extracellular Matrix Inhomogeneities On Mechanical Behavior Of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage  The Netherlands 
116  CELL3  Krishnagoud  Manda  Anders Eriksson  Modeling Of Articular Cartilage Growth  Sweden 
264  DENT  Dhaneshwar  Mishra  Seung-Hyun Yoo, Se Chul Jeong  An Investigation On The Fracture Behavior Of Biocomposites Used For Dental Restorations  Korea 
257  DENT  Susanne  Reimann  Christoph Reichert, Ann Kristin Kettenbeil, Ludger Keilig, Andreas Jäger, Christoph Bourauel  Numerical Simulation and Biomechanical Analysis of Orthodontic Treatment Considering Severe Attachment Loss due to Periodontitis  Germany 
10  DENT  Istabrak  Hasan  Maria Aitlahrach, Monika Schwegmann, Friedhelm Heinemann, Ludger Keilig, Christoph Bourauel  Finite Element Analysis of Small Diameter (Mini) Dental Implants: Experimental and Numerical Studies of Commercial Mini-Implants  Germany 
27  DENT  Ludger  Keilig  Nera Ollenschläger, Michaela Tsetsilas, Susanne Reimann, Andreas Jäger, Christoph Bourauel  Combined Clinical, Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Efficacy of the Transpalatal Arch  Germany 
269  DENT  Cornelia  Kober  Christoph Mueller, Philippe Young, Andreas Fritsch, Christian Hellmich  Biomechanical Concept For Construction Of The Trajectories Of Anisotropic Elasticity Of Mammalian Bony Organs, Demonstrated For The Human Mandible  Germany 
29  DENT  Cornelius  Dirk  Jan Haijtó, Susanne Reimann, Ludger Keilig, Christoph Bourauel  Simulation of Photon-Induced Activation of Dental Adhesives  Germany 
217  DENT  Marlene  Mengoni  Vinciane d'Otreppe, Jean-Philippe Ponthot  A Fully Nonlinear Finite Element Model For Orthodontic Tooth Movement Prediction  Belgium 
80  DENT  Marco  Favino  Marcel Drolshagen, Prof. Rolf Krause, Prof. Christoph Bourauel  A Non-linear Biphasic Model for the Periodontal Ligament: Modeling and Simulation  Switzerland 
24  EVAL/SOFT  F.  Martínez-Martínez  Lago M.A., Rupérez M.J., Monserrat C., Pareja E., Cortés M., López R., Brugger S.  A computational method to estimate the elastic parameters of biomechanical models for the in-vivo human liver  Spain 
100  EVAL/SOFT  Victoria  Toal  Clayton Adam  Is 3D Finite Element Analysis Of Nanoindentation Necessary To Investigate Postyield Mechanics Of Bone?  Australia 
369  EVAL/SOFT  Sam  Evans    Errors and uncertainties in the identification of material parameters using the inverse finite element method  UK 
129  EVAL/SOFT  Pasquale  Vena  Matteo Taffetani, Emanuele Bertarelli, Riccardo Gottardi, Roberto Raiteri  Dynamic Spherical Nanoindentation Of Soft Hydrated Tissue: Experiments And Finite Element Modeling  Italy 
187  EVAL/SOFT  Ray  Vanderby  Sarah E. Kuehl, Mon-Ju Wu, Hirohito Kobayashi, Kenneth S. Lee, William A. Sethares  An In Vivo Method To Quantify Biomechanical Compromise In Tendon  USA 
89  EVAL/SOFT  Gerhard  Silber  Christophe Then, Thomas. J. Vogl  Biomechanics of Human Gluteal Tissue: In Vivo Characterization and Interaction Simulation  Germany 
128  EVAL/SOFT  Adam  Wittek  Adam Wittek, Guiyong Zhang, Grand Roman Joldes, Karol Miller, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Xin Jin and King H. Yang  Meshless Algorithm For Modelling Of Fragmentation In Soft Tissues  Australia 
158  EVAL/SOFT  Malte  Steiner  Lutz Claes, Ulrich Simon, Anita Ignatius, Tim Wehner  Calibration Of Model-Specific Input Parameters For Fracture Healing Simulation Using Optimization Processes  Germany 
99  EVAL/SOFT  Naoto  Yamamura  J.L. Alves, Toshiaki Oda, Ryuta Kinugasa, Shu Takagi  Significance of Fascia for Mechanical Behaviour of Skeletal Muscles - Numerical study using 3D models -  Japan 
174  EVAL/SOFT  Mike  Arun  Anoop Chawla, Sudipto Mukherjee  Estimating Dynamic Properties Of Under Impact Bending Using Inverse Finite Element Method  India 
IMAG3  Mohamed A.  El-Rashidy  T. Taha, N. Ayad, and H. Sroor  An Efficient Hybrid Data Mining Approach for Breast Tumors Diagnosis  Egypt 
249  IMAG3  Gil  Gonçalves  Joăo Correia, Gil Gonçalves  New Functionalities for Endoscopic Capsule  Portugal 
146  IMAG3  Mehmet  Dursun  Seral Özsen, Salih Günes, Sebnem Yosunkaya  Comparison of Artificial Immune Clustering with Fuzzy c-means Clustering in the Sleep Stage Classification Problem  Turkey 
14  IMAG3  Kadir  Tufan  Sadik Kara, Fatma Latifoglu, Sinem Aydin, Adme Kiris, Ünsal Özkuvanci  Nonlinear Analysis On Doppler Ultrasound Records Acquired From Healthy Subjects And Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency Subjects  Turkey 
142  IMAG3  Michael  Kistler  Serena Bonaretti, Christelle Boichon, Michael Rochette, Philippe Büchler  Methods To Accelerate Finite Element Calculation In Biomechanics Using A Statistical Database Of Pre-Calculated Simulations  Switzerland 
186  IMAG3  Laura  Chernak  Darryl Thelen  Nonuniform Motion in the Achilles Tendon observed using Quantitative Ultrasound Elastography  USA 
198  IMAG3  Leide Daiane  Caires  Edson Antonio Capello Sousa  Algorithm For Points Organization 2D In Medical Images  Brazil 
184  KNEE1  Tanvir  Mustafy  Marwan El-Rich, Kamrul Islam, Samer Adeeb  A Finite Element Investigation of the Articular Cartilage Contact in Healthy Knee Joint  Canada 
42  KNEE1  Baptiste  Pierrat  J. Malimard, P, Calmels, L. Navarro, S. Avril  Efficiency and Comfort of Knee Braces: A Parametric Study Based on Computational Modelling  France 
212  KNEE1  Carolina  Dopico Gonzalez  Sam Evans, Cathy Holt  Parametric Study On The Effect Of Modelling Meniscal Attachment  UK 
191  KNEE1  Ahmet  Erdemir  Scott Sibole  Open Knee: Capacity to Reproduce Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deformations  USA 
251  KNEE1  Eik  Siggelkow  Iris Sauerberg, Francesco Benazzo, Marc Bandi-Muenchinger  Validation Of Specimen Specific Robotically Calibrated Virtual Knee Model Using Robot Experiments  Switzerland 
233  KNEE1  Daniel  Watling  Gemma Whatling, Cathy Holt  Quantification Of 3D, In-Vivo Meniscal Biomechanics During Load Bearing In Closed Bore MRI  UK 
360  KNEE1  Nigel  Shrive  Atarod M, Kazemi M, C Frank  Inter-insertional distance is not a good predictor of ligament load  Canada 
195  KNEE1  Lazhari  Assassi  Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann  Biomechanical Modeling of the Human Articulation for Osteoarthritis Analysis  Switzerland 
26  KNEE1  Georg  Bergmann  Friedmar Graichen, Alwina Bender and Ines Kutzner  Are the Knee Joint Loads Much Higher Than Known?  Germany 
90  KNEE2  Kamrul  Islam  Amin Komeili, Samer M. Adeeb, Janet L. Ronsky and Jesse Anderson  Three Dimensional Computational Model for the Study of Patellofemoral Biomechanics  Canada 
273  KNEE2  Deborah  Mason    Biological Signals That Link Joint Loading, Inflammation And Pain In Arthritis  UK 
272  KNEE2  Cathy  Holt  Sam Evans, Cathy Holt  Parametric Study On The Effect Of Modelling Meniscal Attachment  UK 
132  KNEE2  Yan  Chevalier  Silvia Pianigiani, Bernardo Innocenti, Walter Pascale, Amir Kamali, Luc Labey  Prediction Of Patello-Femoral Wear In Total Knee Arthroplasty With A Validated Numerical Model  Belgium 
52  KNEE2  Mohamadreza Nassajian  Moghadam  Dominique P. Pioletti  Calculation of the heat power required for a thermo-sensitive drug delivery system in knee cartilage  Switzerland 
37  KNEE2  Joanna  Li  Andy Metcalfe, Sam Evans, Emma Blain, Cathy Holt  Macrostress and Macrostrain Finite Element Prediction During Mechanical Loading in Articular Cartilage for Correlation with Gene Expression Studies  UK 
270  KNEE2  Adam  Henderson  Yifei Dai, Joern Seebeck, Jeff Bischoff  Assessment of Surgical Variability in TKA Using Digital Analysis  Switzerland 
262  LIMB1  Christoph  Engelhart  D. Ingram, E.Pralong, D. P. Pioletti, A. Farron, P. Mullhaupt, A.Terrier  A Numerical Musculoskeletal Shoulder Model To Analyze Glenohumeral Load  Switzerland 
261  LIMB1  Pierre-Olivier  Lemieux  Natalia Nuńo, Nicola Hagemeister, Patrice Tétreault  Mechanical Analysis Of Cuff Tear Arthropathy During Multiplanar Elevation With The Anybody Shoulder Model  Canada 
248  LIMB1  Antonio  Pérez-González  J.L. Sancho-Bru, M. Jurado-Tovar, M.C. Mora, J.L. Iserte-Vilar  Application Of A Modified Elastic Foundation Contact Model For Simulating Hand-Object Interaction In Grasping Tasks  Spain 
30  LIMB1  Joăo  Folgado  Carlos Quental, Paulo R. Fernandes, Jacinto Monteiro  Simulation of the bone remodelling process of the scapula  Portugal 
170  MOTN1  Bill  Taylor    Effective Reduction Of Soft Tissue Artefact For The Assessment Of Skeletal Kinematics  Germany 
175  MOTN2  Guillermo  Urriolagoitia-Sosa  Adairis Márquez-Sánchez, Susana González-Díaz, Beatriz Romero-Angeles, Francisco Carrasco-Hernandez and Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Calderon  Experimental Determination Of Diverse Walking Factors To Be Applied In A Numerical Analysis  Mexico 
49  MOTN2  Trent  Guess    Forward dynamics movement simulation with anatomical representation of the knee  USA 
154  MOTN2  Simone  Bersini  Carlo A. Frigo, Valerio Sansone, Federica Anasetti, Fabio Galbusera  Biomechanical Analysis Of The Muscular And Ligament Behavior Of The Knee Joint Through A Subject-Specific Computational Model  Italy 
247  MOTN2  Floren  Colloud    Optimal Acceleration Adjustment To Improve Inverse Dynamics Output  France 
65  MOTN2  Vicente  Mata  Farhat, N., Page, A., de Rosario, H.  An Approach for the Reduction of the Soft Tissue Artifacts Based on the Integration of Rigid Body Kinematics  Spain 
279  MOTN2  Markus  Heller  A. Trepczynski , I. Kutzner, W.R. Taylor, H.-C. Hege, A. Arampatzis, G.N. Duda, G. Bergmann  Validation of Musculoskeletal models  Germany 
127  MOTN2  Laetitia  Fradet  F. Marin  Classification Of Physical Activity Based On A Biomechanical Approach  France 
276  MOTN2  J.  Subke  H. J. Schwalbe, B. Ziegler, U. Wolf, J. Kiselev, R.P. Franke  Acoustic Emission Analysis In The Medical Diagnosis Of Human Joint Damage  Germany 
60  MOTN2  Melika  Mohammad Khah  Farhad Tabatabaei Ghomsheh, Mostafa Rostami  Three Dimensional Electromechanical Modeling of Muscle Architecture  Iran 
59  ORTH1  Haniyeh  Hemmatian  Hamid Reza Katouzian  Meshless Modeling of Microcrack Growth in Cortical Bone  Iran 
234  ORTH1  Diogo  Geraldes  Andrew T. M. Phillips  Consideration Of Multiple Activity Load Cycles Is Critical In Bone Optimisation Simulation  UK 
115  ORTH1  Noel  Conlisk  Pankaj Pankaj, Colin R. Howie  The Mechanical Environment In The Distal Femur: Influence Of Boundary Conditions On FE Models  UK 
45  ORTH1  Joyce Van den  Broeck  Roel Wirix-Speetjens, Jos Vander Sloten  Preoperative analysis of the rotational stability of a patient-specific surgical guide  Belgium 
48  ORTH1  Michal  Nowak    Trabecular bone remodeling simulation in parallel numerical environment  Poland 
55  ORTH2  Hagen  Wille  Ernst Rank, Zohar Yosibash  Quantifying Uncertainties in Patient-specific FE Simulations of Human Femurs  Germany 
66  ORTH2  Aissaoui  Rachid    Frictional Properties Of Osteoarthritic Cartilage During 3d Gait Analysis  Canada 
40  ORTH2  Jérôme  Hollenstein  Albert C. Chen, Alexandre Terrier, Robert L. Sah, Dominique P. Pioletti  Parametric Analysis of an Engineered Zone of Calcification at the Interface Between Bone and Hydrogel: Mechanical and Numerical Evaluation  Switzerland 
135  ORTH2  Alisdair  MacLeod  Pankaj Pankaj, A. Hamish R.W. Simpson  A Finite Element Comparison Of Locking Plate And Dynamic Compression Plate Fracture Fixation  UK 
20  ORTH2  Zohar  Yosibash  Nir Trabelsi  Validated High-Order Finite Element Simulations Of Human Femurs For Clinical Orthopedic Applications  Israel 
143  ORTH2  Dennis  Janssen    Towards A More Realistic Prediction Of Peri-Prosthetic Micromotions  The Netherlands 
148  ORTH2  Se Jin  Park  Se Jin Park, Seung Bin Oh, Sangho Park  Younger Korean Male And Female’s Biomechanical Analysis For Lumbar Spinal Forces  Korea 
152  ORTH2  Lizhen  Wang  Lizhen Wang, Feng Zhao  Biomechical Study On Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation(PFNA)For Intertrochanteric Fracture  Canada 
149  ORTH2  Dieter  Pahr  Lukas Peyker  Micro FE Modelling and Experimental Comparisons of a Bone-Screw used in Volar Plate Osteosynthesis  Austria 
130  SPIN1  René  Widmer  Benedikt Helgason, Stephen Ferguson  Patient-Specific Modelling Of Vertebroplasty: How Can We Optimize The Outcome Of The Treatment?  Switzerland 
371  SPIN1  Richard  Hall    Functional Joint Simulation  UK 
134  SPIN1  Bethany  Luxmoore  V.N. Wijayathunga, S. Rehman, R.K. Wilcox  Finite Element Models of the Intervertebral Disc developed from MRI data to include Lamellar Mechanics  UK 

Confirmed Special Session Presentations:

232  SS11  EVAL1  Pedro  Coelho  Colleen Flanagan, Scott Hollister, Paulo Fernandes, Helder Rodrigues  Assessment of Elastic Properties of Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Obtained by Selective Laser Sintering  Portugal 
069  SS9  BRAIN1  Mohsin  Ahmed  Timd David  Massively Parallel Coupled Cell Dynamics for Atherosclerotic regions  New Zealand 
043  SS10  CELL1  Davod  Alizadehrad  Yohsuke Imai , Takuji Ishikawa, Takami Yamaguchi  A numerical study on the RBC deformation in high-hematocrit conditions in microvessels  Japan 
022  SS1  MULT1  Ali Hilal  Alnaqbi  Abdul-Hamid Mourad, JDS Gaylor  Oxygen Consumption Rate of Hepatocytes Cells: experimental and theoritical studies  UAE 
253  SS3  SIMP/VIRT  Noam  Alperin  Rong-Wen Tain  Stability of Lumped Parameter Patient-Specific Modeling of Cranio-spinal Cerebrospinal Flow Dynamics  USA 
165  SS7  ORTH1  Andrew  Anderson  Christine L. Abraham, Steve A. Maas, Benjamin J. Ellis, Christopher L. Peters, Jeffrey A. Weiss  An Enhanced Discrete Element Analysis Method for Predicting Hip Contact Stresses  USA 
050  SS5  IMAG1  Peter  Appleby  Saqib Shabir, Jennifer Southgate, Dawn Walker  The impact of selection bias when examining individual cells from whole-field images  UK 
268  SS6  SIMP/VIRT  Mamadou  Bah  Viet Bui Xuan, Rebecca Bryan, Simon Richards, Mickael Nicolas, Simon Richards, Martin Browne, Philippe G. Young  Development Of A New Computational Tool For Rapid Analysis Of Implant Positioning Effects In Total Hip Replacements  UK 
218  SS9  BRAIN1  Daniel  Baumgartner  Zahra Asgharpour, Steffen Peldschuss, Remy Willinger  A Finite Element Analysis of the Head Injuries through Lateral Head Impacts for Forensic Applications  France 
141  SS11  EVAL1  Agnes  Beckmann  Yongtao Lu, Eike Rosenau, Helge Paetzold, Anke Klein, Klaus Püschel, Michael Morlock, Gerd Huber  Investigation Of Cortical Shell Strain Changes During Axial Loading Due To Spinal Degeneration  Germany 
160  SS5  IMAG1  Khalil  Ben Mansour  Tien Tuan Dao, Marie-Christine Ho Ba Tho, Frédéric Marin  Prediction Of Internal Lumbar Spine Curvature Using Back Surface Information  France 
131  SS6  SIMP/VIRT  Philipp  Berg  Oliver Beuing, Gábor Janiga, Mathias Neugebauer, Martin Skalej, Dominique Thévenin  Characterization of the Ruptured Site in Intracranial Aneurysms Based on CFD Computations  Germany 
087  SS11  EVAL1  Cristobal  Bertoglio  Nicholas Gaddum, David Barber, Marcel Rutten, Jean-Frederic Gerbeau, Rod Hose  Identification Of Artery Wall Stiffness. In Vitro Validation Of A Data Assimilation Procedure Applied To A 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction Model  France 
124  SS10  CELL1  Cécile  Bidan  Philip Kollmannsberger, Krishna Prasad Kommareddy, Monika Rumpler, Yves Bréchet, Peter Fratzl, John W.C. Dunlop  From Cell Contractility To Curvature-Controlled Tissue Growth.  Germany 
038  SS1  MULT1  Aurélie  Carlier  Liesbet Geris, Hans Van Oosterwyck  Tip cells at the top: multiscale modeling of angiogenesis during fracture healing  Belgium 
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147  SS11  EVAL1  Sebastian  Eberle  Michael Göttlinger, Peter Augat  There Is No Optimal Density-Elasticity Relationship For Subject-Specific Finite Element Analyses Of Human Long Bones  Germany 
180  SS5  IMAG1  Thomas  Fogal  Jens Krüger  Chronophotographic Visualization for Time-Dependent Data Sets  USA 
032  SS2  SPIN1  Fabio  Galbusera  Marta Tibiletti, Marco Brayda-Bruno, Antje Mietsch, Cornelia Neidlinger-Wilke, Hans-Joachim Wilke  Inverse finite element determination of patient-specific diffusion properties of the intervertebral disc  Germany 
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101  SS6  SIMP/VIRT  Irfan  Kaymaz  Fatih MedetAlibeyoglu, Ismail Hakki Korkmaz, Omer Selim Yildirim  Developing a Realistic 3D Model of A Patient-Specific Knee Implant for Probabilistic Analysis  Turkey 
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117  SS11  EVAL1  Georges  Limbert    A Multi-Scale Anisotropic Constitutive Model For Biological Soft Tissues. Application To Skin Mechanics  UK 
058  SS2  SPIN2  Clara  Lopes  J. L. Alves  Constitutive Modelling Of The Annulus Fibrosus: Numerical Implementation And Analysis  Portugal 
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205  SS5  IMAG2  Sergio  Quijano  Benjamin Aubert, Rachele Allena, Wafa Skalli  Fast Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Lower Limbs From Biplanar X-Rays  France 
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202  SS5  IMAG2  Ali  Saad    Digital Ultrasound Images Despeckling For Automatic Segmentation  Saudi Arabia 
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073  SS10  CELL2  Fred  Vermolen  Amit Gefen  A mathematical model for cell deformation under chemotaxis induced cell motion  The Netherlands 
119  SS8  MOTN1  Nicolas  Vignais    Validation And Calibration Processes Of A Musculoskeletal Model Of The Hand And Forearm  France 
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151  SS10  CELL2  Henry  Wong  William C. Tang  Computational Study Of The Effects Of Cell Shape And Size On Migration In A Three-Dimensional Matrix  USA 
215  SS5  IMAG2  Alexei  Zhurov  Arshed Toma, Stephen Richmond  Three-Dimensional Groupwise Registration Of Human Faces  UK