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Plenary Presentations:

369  Sam  Evans  Errors and uncertainties in the identification of material parameters using the inverse finite element method  UK 
366  Taiji  Adachi  Mechanical Behavior of Actin Filaments under Tension: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study  Japan 
379  Christoph  Bichlmeier  Using FE Simulations To Optimize Implant And Medical Device Design  Germany 
363  Lynne  Bilston  Computational Modelling of Syringomyelia  Australia 
364  Christoph  Bourauel  The Effect of Periodontitis on the Biomechanical Behaviour of the Periodontal Ligament  Germany 
351  Estevam de las  Casas  Force measuring devices and numerical simulation for mouth muscles  Brazil 
370  J.M.  Crolet  Simulation of Bone Remodeling With the Sinupros Model  France 
358  Tim  David  Modelling and simulation of the brain and its functions  New Zealand 
380  Manuel  Doblare  Simulation Of Cell Processes Into Hydrogel Substrates. Comparison With Experiments  Spain 
376  Gabriele  Dubini  Endovascular stenting simulations: from solid mechanics to drug elution  Italy 
367  Yubo  Fan  Biomechanical Investigation on Woodpecker’s Resistance to Head Impact Injury  China 
357  Paulo  Fernandes  Multiscale Modeling of Bone Tissue –Application to bone substitutes design and bone quality analysis  Portugal 
361  Thomas  Franz  Computational Cardiac Biomechanics towards Improved Understanding and Treatment of Myocardial Infarction  South Africa 
352  Amit  Gefen  Computational Modeling of Mechanotransduction: Studying Differentiation and Migration Behavior of Cells  Israel 
371  Richard  Hall  Functional Joint Simulation  UK 
353  Andrew  Hopkins  R&D activities and the role of computational modelling at Zimmer  Zimmer Orthopaedics, Switzerland 
387  Christopher  Jacobs    USA 
378  Frederic  Marin  Human joint modeling: theory, methodology and applications  France 
359  Ralph  Müller  Computational Prediction Of Load Induced Bone Remodeling In Response To Aging, Disease And Treatment In Vivo  Switzerland 
365  Arturo  Natali  Foot biomechanics: constitutive formulation and numerical modeling of the hindfoot region  Italy 
354  Cees  Oomens  The relative contribution of muscle deformation and ischaemia to pressure ulcer development  The Netherlands 
388  Djenane Cordeiro  Pamplona  Planning Skin Expansion Surgery: How, Where and How Many  Brazil 
386  Marcus  Pandy  Muscle Biomechanics In Human Running  Australia 
385  Riccardo  Pietrabissa  Mechanobiology: Trends for New Therapies and Competitive Companies  Italy 
374  Dominique  Pioletti  Biomechanical Stimulus As A Trigger Signal For Bone Tissue Engineering And Drug Delivery System Applications  Switzerland 
384  Lalaonirina  Rakotomanana  Influence of Fluid-Structure Interaction in Biomechanics : Applications to Dynamic Loading  France 
383  Stephen  Richmond  Acquiring Facial Muscle Fibre Orientation for Muscle Models  UK 
356  Antonius  Rohlmann  Loads on the lumbar spine  Germany 
389  Jörn  Seebeck  Computational Modeling for Design Verification of Medical Devices  Switzerland 
350  Saeed  Shirazi-Adl  Knee joint model studies: From passive response to active kinematics-driven analysis of gait  Canada 
381  Wafa  Skalli  Advances in Medical Imaging and Applications to Osteoporosis  France 
373  Jos Vander  Sloten  Biomechanics for smarter and safer surgery  Belgium 
368  João  Tavares    Portugal 
362  Bill  Taylor  Holistic approaches for the improved assessment of function  Germany 
355  Marc  Thiriet  High intensity focused ultrasound in liver tumor therapy: a multiphysics problem  France 
375  Pascal  Verdonck  Pharmacokinetic Modeling Of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI For Assesment Of Cancer Treatment  Belgium 
377  Jeff  Weiss  Structure and Function of Ligaments and Tendons  USA 
382  Philippe  Young  New Developments in Image-Based Modelling  UK 
372  Philippe  Zysset  Variability of Indentation Modulus Among Bone Structural Units Cannot be Explained by Mean Fibril Orientation and Mineral Mass Fraction  Switzerland