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SPIN 2: Chairs  -  Yoon Hyuk Kim, Damien Lacroix

105  André  Castro  Wouter Wilson, Jacques M. Huyghe, Keita Ito, J. L. Alves  A Poroelastic Approach for an Open Source Finite Element Model of the Intervertebral Disc  Portugal 
258  Shih-Hao  Chen  Wen-Hsien Chuang, Shang-Chih Lin, Chih-Wei Wang  Biomechanical Effects of Parafixed Disc Degenerative Grade on the Lumbar with the Hybrid Fixator  Taiwan 
088  Sara  Cortez  Manuel Pinheiro, J. C. Pimenta Claro, J. L. Alves  Optimized FE Mesh Generation Based On A User-Defined Spatial Refinement Gradient. Application To A Motion Segment  Portugal 
219  Karin  Gruber  Sabine Bauer, Ulrike Hausen  MBS model for the Estimation of Forces and Torques in the Structures of the Lumbar Spine  Germany 
025  Kyoung-Tak  Kang  Heung-Jae Chun, Ho-Joong Kim, In-Han Hwang, Ju-Woong Jang, Young-Bock Shim  The Influence of Disc Degeneration of the Superior Adjacent Segment on the Stress of the Corresponding Segment after Lumbar Fusion  Korea 
243  Gilles  Le Pennec  Sophie Campana, Erwan Jolivet, Jean Marc Vital, Xavier Barreau, Wafa Skalli  CT Based Semi-Automatic Quantification Of Vertebral Fracture Restoration  France 
203  Lucas  Lima  P. Rouch, W. Skalli  Personalized Finite Element Model Of L4-S1 Spine With And Without Instrument  France 
058  Clara  Lopes  J. L. Alves  Constitutive Modelling Of The Annulus Fibrosus: Numerical Implementation And Analysis  Portugal