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SIMP/VIRT: Chairs  -  Philippe Young, Marc Thiriet

253  Noam  Alperin  Rong-Wen Tain  Stability of Lumped Parameter Patient-Specific Modeling of Cranio-spinal Cerebrospinal Flow Dynamics  USA 
268  Mamadou  Bah  Viet Bui Xuan, Rebecca Bryan, Simon Richards, Mickael Nicolas, Simon Richards, Martin Browne, Philippe G. Young  Development Of A New Computational Tool For Rapid Analysis Of Implant Positioning Effects In Total Hip Replacements  UK 
131  Philipp  Berg  Oliver Beuing, Gábor Janiga, Mathias Neugebauer, Martin Skalej, Dominique Thévenin  Characterization of the Ruptured Site in Intracranial Aneurysms Based on CFD Computations  Germany 
101  Irfan  Kaymaz  Fatih MedetAlibeyoglu, Ismail Hakki Korkmaz, Omer Selim Yildirim  Developing a Realistic 3D Model of A Patient-Specific Knee Implant for Probabilistic Analysis  Turkey 
067  Marco  Piccinini  Joel Cugnoni, John Botsis, Giovanna Zacchetti, Patrick Ammann, Anselm Wiskott  Specimen-Specific Finite Element Models of Implanted Bones: Methodology and Validation  Switzerland 
070  Daniel  Stephan  Stephanie Panzer, Michael Göttlinger, Peter Augat  Analysis Of The Intraindividual Differences Of The Joint Surfaces Of The Calcaneus  Germany 
125  Olfa  Trabelsi  José Luis López-Villalobos, Manuel Doblaré  A Preoperative Planning Support System For Human Tracheal Endoprosthetic Interventions  Spain 
201  Irene  Vignon-Clementel  G Arbia, A Barretta, C Corsini, . Esmaily Moghadam, G. Troianowski, W. Yang, J. Feinstein, T.Y. Hsia, A. Marsden, F. Migliavacca, G. Pennati and MOCHA Investigators  From Patient-Specific Data To Multiscale Hemodynamics Simulations: The Challenge Of Boundary Conditions  UK