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Plenary 5: Chair  -  Jeff  Weiss 

364  Christoph  Bourauel    The Effect of Periodontitis on the Biomechanical Behaviour of the Periodontal Ligament  Germany 
351  Estevam de las  Casas    Force measuring devices and numerical simulation for mouth muscles  Brazil 
370  J.M.  Crolet  M. Racila  Simulation of Bone Remodeling With the Sinupros Model  France 
378  Frederic  Marin    Human joint modeling: theory, methodology and applications  France 
383  Stephen  Richmond    Acquiring Facial Muscle Fibre Orientation for Muscle Models  UK 
375  Pascal  Verdonck    Pharmacokinetic Modeling Of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI For Assesment Of Cancer Treatment  Belgium