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Plenary 3: Chair: Chris Jacobs

358  Tim  David    Modelling and simulation of the brain and its functions  New Zealand 
367  Yubo  Fan  Lizhen Wang  Biomechanical Investigation on Woodpecker’s Resistance to Head Impact Injury  China 
359  Ralph  Müller  A. Levchuk, S. Badilatti, A. Zwahlen, F.A. Schulte, F.M. Lambers, C. Weigt, D.J. Webster and G. Kuhn  Computational Prediction Of Load Induced Bone Remodeling In Response To Aging, Disease And Treatment In Vivo  Switzerland 
386  Marcus  Pandy    Muscle Biomechanics In Human Running  Australia 
385  Riccardo  Pietrabissa    Mechanobiology: Trends for New Therapies and Competitive Companies  Italy 
355  Marc  Thiriet    High intensity focused ultrasound in liver tumor therapy: a multiphysics problem  France