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Plenary 2: Chairs  -  Ralph Müller

379  Christoph  Bichlmeier    Using FE Simulations To Optimize Implant And Medical Device Design  Germany 
363  Lynne  Bilston    Computational Modelling of Syringomyelia  Australia 
376  Gabriele  Dubini    Endovascular stenting simulations: from solid mechanics to drug elution  Italy 
361  Thomas  Franz  B. D. Reddy, S. R. Skatulla, N. H. Davies  Computational Cardiac Biomechanics towards Improved Understanding and Treatment of Myocardial Infarction  South Africa 
372  Philippe  Zysset    Variability of Indentation Modulus Among Bone Structural Units Cannot be Explained by Mean Fibril Orientation and Mineral Mass Fraction  Switzerland