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ORTH 2: Chairs  -  Andrew Anderson

40  Jérôme  Hollenstein  Albert C. Chen, Alexandre Terrier, Robert L. Sah, Dominique P. Pioletti  Parametric Analysis of an Engineered Zone of Calcification at the Interface Between Bone and Hydrogel: Mechanical and Numerical Evaluation  Switzerland 
143  Dennis  Janssen    Towards A More Realistic Prediction Of Peri-Prosthetic Micromotions  The Netherlands 
135  Alisdair  MacLeod  Pankaj Pankaj, A. Hamish R.W. Simpson  A Finite Element Comparison Of Locking Plate And Dynamic Compression Plate Fracture Fixation  UK 
149  Dieter  Pahr  Lukas Peyker  Micro FE Modelling and Experimental Comparisons of a Bone-Screw used in Volar Plate Osteosynthesis  Austria 
148  Se Jin  Park  Se Jin Park, Seung Bin Oh, Sangho Park  Younger Korean Male And Female’s Biomechanical Analysis For Lumbar Spinal Forces  Korea 
66  Aissaoui  Rachid    Frictional Properties Of Osteoarthritic Cartilage During 3d Gait Analysis  Canada 
152  Lizhen  Wang  Lizhen Wang, Feng Zhao  Biomechical Study On Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation(PFNA)For Intertrochanteric Fracture  Canada 
55  Hagen  Wille  Ernst Rank, Zohar Yosibash  Quantifying Uncertainties in Patient-specific FE Simulations of Human Femurs  Germany 
20  Zohar  Yosibash  Nir Trabelsi  Validated High-Order Finite Element Simulations Of Human Femurs For Clinical Orthopedic Applications  Israel