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ORTH 1: Chairs  -  Peter Augat

45  Joyce Van den  Broeck  Roel Wirix-Speetjens, Jos Vander Sloten  Preoperative analysis of the rotational stability of a patient-specific surgical guide  Belgium 
115  Noel  Conlisk  Pankaj Pankaj, Colin R. Howie  The Mechanical Environment In The Distal Femur: Influence Of Boundary Conditions On FE Models  UK 
234  Diogo  Geraldes  Andrew T. M. Phillips  Consideration Of Multiple Activity Load Cycles Is Critical In Bone Optimisation Simulation  UK 
59  Haniyeh  Hemmatian  Hamid Reza Katouzian  Meshless Modeling of Microcrack Growth in Cortical Bone  Iran 
48  Michal  Nowak    Trabecular bone remodeling simulation in parallel numerical environment  Poland 
165  Andrew  Anderson  Christine L. Abraham, Steve A. Maas, Benjamin J. Ellis, Christopher L. Peters, Jeffrey A. Weiss  An Enhanced Discrete Element Analysis Method for Predicting Hip Contact Stresses  USA 
271  Howard  Hillstrom  Antoine Truchetet, Smita Rao, C. Chapman, Ravinder R Regatte, Rajshree Mootanah  Stress Distribution in the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint for Different Foot Types  USA 
185  Rajshree  Mootanah  Howard Hillstrom, Franziska Reisse, Diagarajen Carpanen, Robert Walker  The Effects of the Material Properties of Bones and Soft Tissues on Knee Joint Contact Stress  UK