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MULT1: Chairs  -   Chris Jacobs, Pascal Swider

022  Ali Hilal-Alnaqbi  Abdul-Hamid Mourad, JDS Gaylor  Oxygen Consumption Rate of Hepatocytes Cells: experimental and theoritical studies  UAE 
161  Amartya Ganguly  Ming Hou, Catherine A.Dobson, Natalie K. Vanicek  A Mass-Spring-Damper Model Of The Human Ankle Complex Contributing To Postural Balance  UK 
038  Aurélie Carlier  Liesbet Geris, Hans Van Oosterwyck  Tip cells at the top: multiscale modeling of angiogenesis during fracture healing  Belgium 
012  Cédric P Laurent  Damien Durville, Rachid Rahouadj and Jean-François Ganghoffer  Multiscale Computational Modeling of a New Scaffold for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tissue Engineering  France 
265  Dirk Drasdo  Jan Hengstler, Stefan Hoehme, William Weens  Possible Cell Behavior Strategies To Escape Biomechanical Constraints In Liver Regeneration and Tumor Growth  France 
001  Kamran Hassani  Hamid Reza Bahraseman Mahdi Navidbakhsh Naser Fatouraee Daniel M.Espino  Modeling of blood flow through a flexible aortic heart valve in different heart rates.  Iran 
197  Martin Ruess  Nir Trabelsi, Hagen Wille, Zohar Yosibash, Ernst Rank  The Finite Cell Method For Femur Analysis On The Basis Of Unsegmented QCT Data  Germany 
176  M-J Yvonne Ou    BEM-FMM Computation Of Strain Distribution Of A Trabeculae-Marrow System Using Micro-CT Scans  USA 
111  Pascal Swider  Georges Khalil, Joan E. Bechtold, Kjeld Soballe  A Reactive Multiphasic Model Of Implant Fixation  France 
204  Sayed Muhammad Reza Hassani  Nasser Fatouraee  Mural Thrombosis in a Two-Level Computational Approach; Combination of Continuum and Particle-Based Methods  Iran 
168  Trong Khoa Nguyen  Olivier Carpentier, Philippe Herin, Philippe Hivart  Numerical Identification of the Permeability of a Bioceramic with Controlled Interconnected Spherical Macroporosity  France