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MOTN 2: Chairs  -   Rajshree Mootanah, Howard Hillstrom

154  Simone  Bersini  Carlo A. Frigo, Valerio Sansone, Federica Anasetti, Fabio Galbusera  Biomechanical Analysis Of The Muscular And Ligament Behavior Of The Knee Joint Through A Subject-Specific Computational Model  Italy 
247  Floren  Colloud    Optimal Acceleration Adjustment To Improve Inverse Dynamics Output  France 
127  Laetitia  Fradet  F. Marin  Classification Of Physical Activity Based On A Biomechanical Approach  France 
49  Trent  Guess    Forward dynamics movement simulation with anatomical representation of the knee  USA 
279  Markus  Heller  A. Trepczynski , I. Kutzner, W.R. Taylor, H.-C. Hege, A. Arampatzis, G.N. Duda, G. Bergmann  Validation of Musculoskeletal models  Germany 
65  Vicente  Mata  Farhat, N., Page, A., de Rosario, H.  An Approach for the Reduction of the Soft Tissue Artifacts Based on the Integration of Rigid Body Kinematics  Spain 
60  Melika  Mohammad Khah  Farhad Tabatabaei Ghomsheh, Mostafa Rostami  Three Dimensional Electromechanical Modeling of Muscle Architecture  Iran 
276  J.  Subke  H. J. Schwalbe, B. Ziegler, U. Wolf, J. Kiselev, R.P. Franke  Acoustic Emission Analysis In The Medical Diagnosis Of Human Joint Damage  Germany 
175  Guillermo  Urriolagoitia-Sosa  Adairis Márquez-Sánchez, Susana González-Díaz, Beatriz Romero-Angeles, Francisco Carrasco-Hernandez and Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Calderon  Experimental Determination Of Diverse Walking Factors To Be Applied In A Numerical Analysis  Mexico