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MOTN 1: Chairs  -   Bill Taylor and Marcus Pandy

170  Bill  Taylor    Effective Reduction Of Soft Tissue Artefact For The Assessment Of Skeletal Kinematics  Germany 
172  Reinhard  Hainisch  Andreas Kranzl, Margit Gföhler, Marcus G. Pandy  Effect of Spastic Muscles on Muscle Function during Crouch Gait in Cerebral Palsy  Austria 
109  Luciano  Menegaldo  Liliam F. Oliveira  A Software For Estimating Muscle Forces Using EMG-Driven Models  Brazil 
074  Silvia  Pianigiani  Luc Labey, Walter Pascale, Bernardo Innocenti  Tibio-Femoral Kinematics of Total Knee Arthroplasty During a Loaded Squat: a Numerical Study  Italy 
005  Rositsa  Raikova  Hristo Aladjov  Muscle Model Composed by Motor Units and Simulation of Their Control by Using Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm  Bulgaria 
157  Franziska  Reisse  Rajshree Mootanah, Zarshah Dewan, Howard Hillstrom, Robert Walker, Diagarajen Carpanen, Matthew Koff, Carl Imhauser, John Dowell  The Effect Of High Tibial Osteotomy On Stress In The Tibio-Femoral Joint: A Computer Simulation Study  UK 
245  Giordano  Valente  Saulo Martelli, Fulvia Taddei  Influence Of Lower-Limb Muscle Discretization On The Prediction Of Skeletal Loads  Italy 
119  Nicolas  Vignais    Validation And Calibration Processes Of A Musculoskeletal Model Of The Hand And Forearm  France 
166  Gemma  Whatling  D. Watling , C. Wilson, C. Holt  Investigating Changes In Joint Loading Following High Tibial Osteotomy  UK