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LIMB 1: Chairs  -  Joern Seebeck and Andrew Hopkins

262  Christoph  Engelhart  D. Ingram, E.Pralong, D. P. Pioletti, A. Farron, P. Mullhaupt, A.Terrier  A Numerical Musculoskeletal Shoulder Model To Analyze Glenohumeral Load  Switzerland 
30  João  Folgado  Carlos Quental, Paulo R. Fernandes, Jacinto Monteiro  Simulation of the bone remodelling process of the scapula  Portugal 
261  Pierre-Olivier  Lemieux  Natalia Nuño, Nicola Hagemeister, Patrice Tétreault  Mechanical Analysis Of Cuff Tear Arthropathy During Multiplanar Elevation With The Anybody Shoulder Model  Canada 
248  Antonio  Pérez-González  J.L. Sancho-Bru, M. Jurado-Tovar, M.C. Mora, J.L. Iserte-Vilar  Application Of A Modified Elastic Foundation Contact Model For Simulating Hand-Object Interaction In Grasping Tasks  Spain 
063  Avik  Chatterjee  S.Majumder, I.Basak, Abhijit Mahapatra  Extraction of phalangeal joint parameters from image sequences during palmer grasp.  India 
174  Andreas  Kontaxis  Lawrence Gulotta, Howard Hillstrom  Optimizing Surgical Outcomes In Shoulder Arthroplasty: Importance Of Accurate Implantation And Pre-Operative Planning  USA 
199  Joe  Prinold  Anthony M.J. Bull  Musculo-Skeletal Modelling Of Pull-Up Exercises  UK