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KNEE 2: Chairs  -  Gemma Whatling, Oliver Sander

132  Yan  Chevalier  Silvia Pianigiani, Bernardo Innocenti, Walter Pascale, Amir Kamali, Luc Labey  Prediction Of Patello-Femoral Wear In Total Knee Arthroplasty With A Validated Numerical Model  Belgium 
270  Adam  Henderson  Yifei Dai, Joern Seebeck, Jeff Bischoff  Assessment of Surgical Variability in TKA Using Digital Analysis  Switzerland 
272  Cathy  Holt  Sam Evans, Cathy Holt  Parametric Study On The Effect Of Modelling Meniscal Attachment  UK 
90  Kamrul  Islam  Amin Komeili, Samer M. Adeeb, Janet L. Ronsky and Jesse Anderson  Three Dimensional Computational Model for the Study of Patellofemoral Biomechanics  Canada 
37  Joanna  Li  Andy Metcalfe, Sam Evans, Emma Blain, Cathy Holt  Macrostress and Macrostrain Finite Element Prediction During Mechanical Loading in Articular Cartilage for Correlation with Gene Expression Studies  UK 
273  Deborah  Mason    Biological Signals That Link Joint Loading, Inflammation And Pain In Arthritis  UK 
52  Mohamadreza Nassajian  Moghadam  Dominique P. Pioletti  Calculation of the heat power required for a thermo-sensitive drug delivery system in knee cartilage  Switzerland 
017  Oliver  Sander  Corinna Klapproth, Jonathan Youett, Peter Deuflhard, Ralf Kornhuber  Using a patient-specific finite element model to compute the time-dependent contact area in the knee joint  Germany