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IMAG 3: Chairs  -  Jos Vander Sloten

198  Leide Daiane  Caires  Edson Antonio Capello Sousa  Algorithm For Points Organization 2D In Medical Images  Brazil 
186  Laura  Chernak  Darryl Thelen  Nonuniform Motion in the Achilles Tendon observed using Quantitative Ultrasound Elastography  USA 
146  Mehmet  Dursun  Seral Özsen, Salih Günes, Sebnem Yosunkaya  Comparison of Artificial Immune Clustering with Fuzzy c-means Clustering in the Sleep Stage Classification Problem  Turkey 
Mohamed A.  El-Rashidy  T. Taha, N. Ayad, and H. Sroor  An Efficient Hybrid Data Mining Approach for Breast Tumors Diagnosis  Egypt 
249  Gil  Gonçalves  João Correia, Gil Gonçalves  New Functionalities for Endoscopic Capsule  Portugal 
142  Michael  Kistler  Serena Bonaretti, Christelle Boichon, Michael Rochette, Philippe Büchler  Methods To Accelerate Finite Element Calculation In Biomechanics Using A Statistical Database Of Pre-Calculated Simulations  Switzerland 
14  Kadir  Tufan  Sadik Kara, Fatma Latifoglu, Sinem Aydin, Adme Kiris, Ünsal Özkuvanci  Nonlinear Analysis On Doppler Ultrasound Records Acquired From Healthy Subjects And Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency Subjects  Turkey