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IMAG 2: Chairs  -  Joao Tavares and Marc Thiriet

126  Goodarz  Khodabakhshi  Dawn Walker, Rod Hose, Andy Scutt  Local Strain Measurement in Tendon- 2D vs 3D  UK 
015  Bruno  Martins  Joana Bento, Francisco Alves, Paula Colarinha , Nuno Teixeira, Pedro Teles and Pedro Vaz  Assessment, using Monte Carlo methods and biokinetic models, of the absorbed dose in the thyroid, as a critical organ in scintigraphies with 123I and Na99mTcO4-  Portugal 
108  Manuel  Pinheiro  Francisco Martins, J. L. Alves  Towards A Wavelet Based Medical Image Enhancement Procedure  Portugal 
205  Sergio  Quijano  Benjamin Aubert, Rachele Allena, Wafa Skalli  Fast Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Lower Limbs From Biplanar X-Rays  France 
145  Annika  Radermacher  Stefanie Reese  Model Reduction Methods In Nonlinear Biomechanical Solid Mechanics  Germany 
202  Ali  Saad    Digital Ultrasound Images Despeckling For Automatic Segmentation  Saudi Arabia 
368  Joćo  Tavares    Spatio-Temporal Registration of Biomedical Images by Computational Methods  Portugal 
207  Lukas  Vancura  Benjamin Aubert, Jean-Yves Lazennec, Dominique Folinais, Wafa Skalli  3D Pelvis Reconstruction For Diagnosis And Surgical Planning  France 
215  Alexei  Zhurov  Arshed Toma, Stephen Richmond  Three-Dimensional Groupwise Registration Of Human Faces  UK