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IMAG 1: Chairs  -  Marc Thiriet and Joao Tavares

050  Peter  Appleby  Saqib Shabir, Jennifer Southgate, Dawn Walker  The impact of selection bias when examining individual cells from whole-field images  UK 
160  Khalil  Ben Mansour  Tien Tuan Dao, Marie-Christine Ho Ba Tho, Frédéric Marin  Prediction Of Internal Lumbar Spine Curvature Using Back Surface Information  France 
064  David  Christen  Alina Levchuk, Stefan Schori, Philipp Schneider, Steven K. Boyd and Ralph Müller  Validation of Strain Mapping for the Assessment of Microdamage Initiation and Propagation in Cortical Bone  Switzerland 
259  Alexandre  de Souza Brandăo  Fabiana Rodrigues Leta, Edson Cataldo  Quality Mesh Extraction for 3D Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) Modelling  Brazil 
206  Guillaume  Dubois  Erwan Jolivet, Philippe Rouch , Wafa Skalli, Elisabeth Dion  Improved Method For Reducing Slices Of Segmentation Muscles From MRI Images  France 
180  Thomas  Fogal  Jens Krüger  Chronophotographic Visualization for Time-Dependent Data Sets  USA 
169  Donald  Giddings  J Thewlis, H Power, M Vloeberghsu  Cerebral Fluid Motion Interpretation from MRI  UK