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EVAL 1: Chairs  -   Pedro Coelho, Sam Evans

232  Pedro  Coelho  Colleen Flanagan, Scott Hollister, Paulo Fernandes, Helder Rodrigues  Assessment of Elastic Properties of Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Obtained by Selective Laser Sintering  Portugal 
141  Agnes  Beckmann  Yongtao Lu, Eike Rosenau, Helge Paetzold, Anke Klein, Klaus Püschel, Michael Morlock, Gerd Huber  Investigation Of Cortical Shell Strain Changes During Axial Loading Due To Spinal Degeneration  Germany 
087  Cristobal  Bertoglio  Nicholas Gaddum, David Barber, Marcel Rutten, Jean-Frederic Gerbeau, Rod Hose  Identification Of Artery Wall Stiffness. In Vitro Validation Of A Data Assimilation Procedure Applied To A 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction Model  France 
213  Laura  Dubuis  Stephane Avril, Johan Debayle, Pierre Badel  Patient-specific FE model of the leg under elastic compression  France 
147  Sebastian  Eberle  Michael Göttlinger, Peter Augat  There Is No Optimal Density-Elasticity Relationship For Subject-Specific Finite Element Analyses Of Human Long Bones  Germany 
044  Kap-Soo  Han  Antonius Rohlmann, Kyungsoo Kim, Yoon Hyuk Kim  Effect Of Center Of Rotation On Spinal Loads During Sagittal Motion  Korea 
016  Wangdo  Kim  Antonio Veloso, Veronica Vleck and Filipa Joăo  A Simple Computational Framework To Predict Patient-Specific Gait Disorders  Portugal 
092  Yoon Hyuk  Kim  Dae Kyung Choi, Kyungsoo Kim  Single And Combined Effects Of Ligament Deficit And Isthmic Defect On Lumbar Spinal Instability  Korea 
117  Georges  Limbert    A Multi-Scale Anisotropic Constitutive Model For Biological Soft Tissues. Application To Skin Mechanics  UK 
113  Andrea  Malandrino  Jérôme Noailly, Damien Lacroix  Mechanical Effect On Metabolic Transport And Cell Viability In The Intervertebral Disc  Spain