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DENT: Chairs  -   Chris Bourauel, Stephen Richmond

29  Cornelius  Dirk  Jan Haijtó, Susanne Reimann, Ludger Keilig, Christoph Bourauel  Simulation of Photon-Induced Activation of Dental Adhesives  Germany 
80  Marco  Favino  Marcel Drolshagen, Prof. Rolf Krause, Prof. Christoph Bourauel  A Non-linear Biphasic Model for the Periodontal Ligament: Modeling and Simulation  Switzerland 
10  Istabrak  Hasan  Maria Aitlahrach, Monika Schwegmann, Friedhelm Heinemann, Ludger Keilig, Christoph Bourauel  Finite Element Analysis of Small Diameter (Mini) Dental Implants: Experimental and Numerical Studies of Commercial Mini-Implants  Germany 
27  Ludger  Keilig  Nera Ollenschläger, Michaela Tsetsilas, Susanne Reimann, Andreas Jäger, Christoph Bourauel  Combined Clinical, Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Efficacy of the Transpalatal Arch  Germany 
269  Cornelia  Kober  Christoph Mueller, Philippe Young, Andreas Fritsch, Christian Hellmich  Biomechanical Concept For Construction Of The Trajectories Of Anisotropic Elasticity Of Mammalian Bony Organs, Demonstrated For The Human Mandible  Germany 
217  Marlene  Mengoni  Vinciane d'Otreppe, Jean-Philippe Ponthot  A Fully Nonlinear Finite Element Model For Orthodontic Tooth Movement Prediction  Belgium 
264  Dhaneshwar  Mishra  Seung-Hyun Yoo, Se Chul Jeong  An Investigation On The Fracture Behavior Of Biocomposites Used For Dental Restorations  Korea 
257  Susanne  Reimann  Christoph Reichert, Ann Kristin Kettenbeil, Ludger Keilig, Andreas Jäger, Christoph Bourauel  Numerical Simulation and Biomechanical Analysis of Orthodontic Treatment Considering Severe Attachment Loss due to Periodontitis  Germany