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CELL3: Chairs  -   Richard Hart, Cees Oomens

229  Kentaro  Doi  Yukihiro Toyokita, Satoyuki Kawano  Application Of Reaction-Diffusion Wave To Self-Assembled Network Structures Of DNA  Japan 
34  Jason  Halloran  Scott Sibole, Ahmet Erdemir  Role of Anatomical Representation of Cell Distribution on the Prediction of Chondrocyte Mechanics  USA 
182  Mehdi  Khoshgoftar  Wouter Wilson, Keita Ito, Corrinus C. Vandonkelaar  Effect Of Extracellular Matrix Inhomogeneities On Mechanical Behavior Of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage  The Netherlands 
263  Adeliya  Latypova  M. Gortchacow, A. Terrier, D.P. Pioletti  Effect Of Oscillatory Flow On Morphogen Dynamics Of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells  Switzerland 
95  Oscar Rodrigo  López Vaca  Diego Alexánder Garzón A.  Biochemical Model To Predict The Onset Of The Spongiosa Primary Architecture Using A Reaction-Diffusion System  USA 
116  Krishnagoud  Manda  Anders Eriksson  Modeling Of Articular Cartilage Growth  Sweden 
260  Carlos A.  Narváez-Tovar  Diego A. Garzón-Alvarado  A Computational Model Of The Growth Plate Including The Effect Of Mechanical Loading On The Final Chondrocytic Height In The Hypertrophic Zone  Colombia 
41  Andy  Olivares  Cecile M. Perrault, Damien Lacroix  Cell seeding optimization in 3D scaffold under dynamic condition: Computational and Experimental method  Spain 
231  Hiroshi  Takeuchi  Ryosuke Nii, Kentaro Doi, Satoyuki Kawano  Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations Of Self-Assembled DNA Structures On HOPG Surfaces  Japan