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CELL2: Chairs  -   Liesbet Geris, Debbie Mason

112  Sara  Barreto  Cécile M. Perrault, Damien Lacroix  Computational Prediction Of External And Internal Cell Forces-Regulation By The Individual Fibers Of The Cytoskeleton  Spain 
153  Tim  Odenthal  Bart Smeets, Engelbert Tijskens, Herman Ramon  Flocculation and Socio-Evolution in Yeast  Belgium 
009  Naama  Shoham  Amit Gefen, Natan Tzvi Shaked and Pinhas Girshovitz  Evaluating Stiffness Distributions of Differentiating Adipocytes Using A Wide-Field Digital Interferometric Method  Israel 
079  Bart  Smeets  Tim Odenthal, Hans Van Oosterwyck, Herman Ramon  Characterizing The Mechanical Microenvironment Of 3D Cell Cultures Using Individual-Based Models  Belgium 
104  Jess  Snedeker  Guido Bartalena  A Complex Relationship Between Metastatic Potential And In Vitro Mechanical Properties Of Bone Cancer Cells  Switzerland 
138  Clara  Valero  Etelvina Javierre, José Manuel García-Aznar, María José Gómez-Benito  Stress Evaluation During Angiogenesis In Skin Wound Healing  Spain 
137  Mark  Van Turnhout  Stefan A.H. de Vries, C.C. van Donkelaar, Cees W.J. Oomens  Mechanical Chondrocyte Damage Thresholds  The Netherlands 
073  Fred  Vermolen  Amit Gefen  A mathematical model for cell deformation under chemotaxis induced cell motion  The Netherlands 
072  Daphne  Weihs  Naama Gal, Diana Goldstein  Novel analysis approaches for intracellular particle-tracking reveal aggressiveness-dependent dynamics in breast cancer cells  Israel 
151  Henry  Wong  William C. Tang  Computational Study Of The Effects Of Cell Shape And Size On Migration In A Three-Dimensional Matrix  USA