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CARD 3: Chairs  -  Pascal Verdonck and Damien Lacroix

159  Lowell T.  Edgar  Steve A. Maas, James E. Guilkey, Jeffrey Weiss  AngioFE: A continuous-discrete model of angiogenesis with vessel growth coupled to matrix deformation  USA 
56  Aura Cardona  Ochoa  Damien Lacroix  Computational Fluid Dynamics of Complex Vascular Networks Functionality to Tissue Engineering Applications  Spain 
85  Toshihiro  Omori  T. Ishikawa, Y. Imai, T. Yamaguchi  Dynamical Simulation Of A Red Blood Cell In Simple Shear Flow  Japan 
150  Jivan  Parab  R.S. Gad, G. M. Nalik, N. Vetrekar  Comparative Studies For Multivariate Model Of Human Blood Tissue Using Gaussian And Lorentz Oscillators And Analysis Using PLS Regression.  India 
210  Giancarlo  Pennati  Elena Dordoni, Alessio Meoli, Wei Wu, Lorenza Petrini, Francesco Migliavacca, Gabriele Dubini  Computational Modelling Of Fatigue Behaviour Of Nitinol Peripheral Stents During In Vitro Tests  Italy 
78  Victorien  Prot  Bjørn Skallerud  Effects Of An Orthogonal Contractile System In The Anterior Leaflet On The Systolic Mitral Valve Response: A Nonlinear Finite Element Study  Norway