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CARD 1: Chairs  -  Cees Oomens and Tomas Franz

179  John  Brigham  Jia Wu  Analysis of In Vivo Human Right Ventricle Shape Change with and without Pulmonary Hypertension  USA 
144  Nhat  Bui Minh  Hiroshi Ohtake, Go Watanabe, Teruo Matsuzawa  Effect Of Post Treatment For Multiple Aortic Aneurysms Using CFD  Japan 
226  Maria Sol  Cabrera  Cees Oomens, Frank Baaijens  Design And Analysis Of Stent System For Heart Valve Replacement In Pediatric Patients  The Netherlands 
241  Alfonso  Caiazzo  Miguel Fernandez, Jean-Frederic Gerbeau  Explicit Projection Scheme For Pod-Based Fast ?ow Simulations In Patient-Speci?c Geometries  Germany 
220  Claudio  Chiastra  Stefano Morlacchi, Gabriele Dubini, Francesco Migliavacca  A Comparison Between Standard And Dedicated Stents For Coronary Bifurcations: Structural And Fluid Dynamic Numerical Simulations  Italy 
244  Chiara  Corsini  Giovanni Biglino, Silvia Schievano, Richard S. Figliola, Tain-Yen Hsia, Andrew M. Taylor, Francesco Migliavacca, Gabriele Dubini, Giancarlo Pennati  Computational And Experimental Modeling Of A Univentricular Circulation With Systemic-To-Pulmonary Shunt And Aortic Coarctation  Italy 
211  Daria  Cosentino  Gianmarco Tanda, Alessandra Bavo, Michael Quail, Hopewell Ntsinjana, Vanessa Diaz-Zuccarini, Francesco Migliavacca, Giancarlo Pennati, Andrew Taylor, Silvia Schievano  Patient-specific evaluation of pulmonary vascular resistances after corrected Transposition of the great arteries  UK 
75  Asawinee  Danpinid  Fangsen Cui, Foad Kabinejadian, Hwa Liang Leo, Pei Ho  Hemodynamic Analysis of Stent Implantation at Carotid Bifurcation  Singapore